Born Blind

by The Residuals

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released March 26, 2017




The Residuals San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Waiting for a Cure
Humanity is slowly dying.
Wasting away their lives on meager pleasures.
Betrayal and distrust rule the land.
In silence, the masses wait for a cure.

Running blind as if they’ve never seen.

Is there any way out of this hell?
I don’t see a way to the light anymore.
Problem is no one’s thinking, everyone’s an enemy.
Only way to solve it is by death
Track Name: Won't Back Down
Fuck you and your conditions
Set and aimed at me.
Misguided sense of opinion.
Just one way to live.
Accept only the normal.
Different to you appalls.
I’ll rip out your ideals and
Shove them all down your throat.

I won’t back down,
You just make me stronger.
Anger towards me turns into

Ignorant until the end.
Save your breath, I will
Not hear your complacent voice
Echoing around.
You’re scared of the unknown and
Try to hide it all.
You have the masses fooled, but
I see through your guise.


YOU WON'T take away my soul.
I will dominate.
NEVER will I back down.
I WILL remain stronger.

I hate you and your kind
You stuck-up piece of shit.
If I ever see you again, I’ll
Make sure that you meet your
Track Name: Killing the Creature
Controlled by a will not your own,
Decay runs all throughout your soul.
Malice. aberration to life.
Revolve. Repeat mistakes again.

Exist without a clear meaning.
Wander on continuously.
Pathetic excuse for a life.
Just stay the fuck away from me.

CLOSER … Wanna hear you again.
ANGER … Controlling me again.

You take your hate out on others.
Innocent ones run for cover.
Waiting to take your final breath.
Wasting the life that you have left.

Attack the ones that I hold dear
And you will die right where you stand.
I see something not quite human
Killing the creature that stands here.
Track Name: Born Blind
Born into these walls built up
Around us encasing us
In ideas of right and wrong,
We're all told: NEVER QUESTION!

Concluded its better to
Follow rather than question.
You only see what's given.
Do you really see anything at all?

Admit it you can't see me.
You were doomed right from the start.
Society has shaped you

They've made sure that you can't see
So that they can control you.
Stop thinking you're in control
Cause you're fooling yourself.

WE ALL try to hide the fact that we are all born blind.
EVERY step that we take is a step TOWARDS THE DARK.

We'll always do what's easy.
We will never break a sweat.
And what's easy's been proven:

Blind to all our ideas.
Blind to all our hopes and dreams.
Blind to all our different views.
In silence, we take abuse.

You are blind so use your voice.
Scream louder and make them see.
Their visions have been obscured

Existence without meaning,
We all follow the great trend.
Say we're making something new,
Yet there's nothing left.


We close our hallowed eyes
To hide from us the lies

We make nothing but sorrow.
Betray our kind, forever bind
The mistakes we make to our minds.
Live in denial that we are all born blind.
Track Name: Broken Hammer
You talk about my life like you know it.
Who are you to sit and judge?
Every false accusation comes with a contradiction.
Look in the mirror and see the life you hate.

Will the hammer fall.

Point out flaws, but miss your own.
Can’t you see that we’re one in the same?
We are all mindless imperfections.
When the hammer falls, we’ll all go down.


There is no escape.
I’m the one you hate.
Every step you take
Remember that I AM YOU!
Track Name: Lost Inside
Almost too clear to see.
Not knowing, but sure it’s there.
Is searching just a waste of time?
Can what I hope for even be found?

Seen enough to understand,
Yet the answer’s unattainable.
Find solace within these strings,
Only they can set me free.

Though I try, I can’t escape.
Hypnotic sense won’t go away.
Unable to confide in me,
Alone I stand detached from myself.

Judgment lost, instead I find
A quiet place to sit and hide.
Wear a mask to hide the pain.
Nothing will make it go away.

I can’t see straight
I’m falling down
Deeper in confusion.

Cast away
By my feelings.
I can’t remain
Lost inside of myself.

Not sure how to proceed.
Every action a catastrophe.
Anxiety takes control,
Predetermines my every role.

Can’t find a way out of
This maze inside my head.
Never ending hurt inside.
What makes me still hold on?


Is this what Love is? I
Can’t take any more of
This pain that it causes
Me, driving me insane.

But I would not trade it
For release from this
Hell I feel inside and
Give up a chance at happiness.
Track Name: Dogs Without Tales
Stand up against a world that torments your soul.
Full of fake people and smiling assholes.
Only way to fit in is to please and conform.
No escape from this hell I must call my home.

Stand up and fight
For your right to decide.

Everyone telling me I’m not good enough.
Get a good paying job to get lots of stuff.
I’ll do what I want, not what you wanna hear.
I won’t follow you. I won’t live in fear.

Track Name: Out from the Bushes
Hiding all the ways you feel the same
To make you feel more superior.
The people that you say are a cancer
Look for acceptance and never question why.
Party, lame clothes, wasting their life away.
Blending in, lost individuality.
Drugged up, can’t feel, say it makes you different, but
All I see is the problem in different clothes.

Sinking back
To what you hate
Without seeing there’s another way to live

Your own way
And still keep
The special things that make you still you.

From a lifestyle into a fashion trend,
Only judged by how you look.
Noticed solely when there’s familiar.
Never venture into new ground.
Open your minds, see there’s others in line to
Bring you back to gain what you’ve lost.
All these things make me question if
What I’m fighting for is gone.

Track Name: Trapped it the Void
Here sitting alone in the dark all covered in silence
Quiet prevails, but why is it so damn loud (INSIDE MY HEAD)?
Voices tell me that nothing I do is ever worth a thing.
Trapped inside a denial of my life. (JUST TAKE IT IN)

Every decision I make
Is either make or break.
There is no middle ground,
No place for us to rest.

Frustration takes control,
Disclosure's not a choice.
Keep it all locked inside,
Seething in agony.

TRAPPED in the void.
TRAPPED, I can't get out.

Air enters my lungs as I exhale making me suffocate
Head pounding on, about to burst and now I feel (I WILL EXPLODE)
Why do I feel so ashamed of myself?
I've never felt so ALIVE! (SUFFER UNTIL DEATH)


Track Name: Left a Shadow
I can’t stand the way you’ve been changing
Onto a path that’s set for failure.
So stupid, I didn’t notice at first.
And when I did, it was already way too late then.

Is the friend that I once knew now gone?
Did all those years of friendship mean nothing?
Was it my fault? Was I not there for you?
Every day I blame myself for what you’ve become.

Lost to drugs, lost to friends, and me.
Blind to truth, blind to self, can’t see.
Fake to you, fake to me. Obscene.
Face to face, you’re just an empty shell hallowed out.

Lost to me.
I don’t see the friend
I once knew.

Fuck this man. Fuck this shadow of you.
I despise the essence of your being.
Would not harm the one I call my friend,
But now he’s gone and he has only left a shadow.

Condescend, but comprehend nothing.
Follow all, think you know it all. Not True.
All you do are things to pleasure yourself.
Sad thing is, you think you have a life worth living.

Enough with you, I’m through being the fool.
I tried my best, but still it wasn’t enough.
I see now there is no way to save you.
only way is if you see you must save yourself.